THE ALGAE (7-flat)
THE ALGAE (7-flat)
THE ALGAE (7-flat)
THE ALGAE (7-flat)
THE ALGAE (7-flat)
THE ALGAE (7-flat)

THE ALGAE (7-flat)

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Style: 7-Panel Flat Brim Hat / Algae Green

The most comfortable hat you’ll ever wear. Salt Mafia’s snapback was intricately designed by our team to support those who love being active whether on the ocean or on land. A hat created exclusively to adapt to your lifestyle and fit better as you wear it in. The performance hat is super light-weight, floats in water with it's Buoy-Brim™ technology and is water and sweat resistant. 


100% Waterproof

Super light-weight and extra durable / double layered fabric

Buoy-Brim™ / unsinkable /  brim shape is indestructible

Water and sweat resistant / repels water / perfect for all elements 

Soft snap back / light and extremely soft on skin and hair

Hyper front panels / retain shape over time 

Laser vented side and rear panels / breathable and airy 

Fin brim grip

Antimicrobial inner band

SPF 50+

SIZE: One size fits most (58cm @ two snaps out) 

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